How to Make Your House Look Expensive on a Budget

Do you want to give your home a more expensive look, but it’s not in the budget? We have ten tips and tricks to give your home a more luxurious look without spending a lot of money.

There are millions of ways to make your bedroom look more luxurious, high-end, and expensive without killing your budget.

  1. Choose Neutral Colors

Have you ever noticed how these high-class homes all showcase neutral colors? Neutral colors will keep your home feeling calm and clutter-free. When you keep your home a neutral color, you can accent accessories in bold colors. Consider accenting accessories like vases, throw pillows, bedding/dust skirts, drapes, and shower curtain/towels. 

2. Update Your Bedding

Most high-class hotels and homes use a secret trick to make the bedroom feel more luxurious and high-end. Try using two duvets on your bed to give your bedroom a more expensive feel. Have you ever wondered why your bed lays flat and doesn’t look like the bedrooms you see in stores? Consider purchasing another duvet and bring your bedroom to a whole new level. Keep one duvet flat across the entire bed for function and then the other duvet on top and folded over. Adding a second duvet adds a thick layer and gives that flush-fluffy look to your bed. 

3. Add Large Throw Pillows

Another way to add a high-class feel to your bedroom, living room, or family room is to add large throw pillows. Adding large throw pillows to your sofa will instantly give a high-end look. Consider large throw pillows that are 26×26 and then coordinate them with smaller pillows. Do this same thing in the bedroom by layering large throw pillows with smaller throw pillows to extend the length and size of your bedding. Large throw pillows instantly give a feeling of luxury and extra comfort to your room, and it also adds a beautiful and decorative piece to your space. It also gives you another surface to add pattern or color, and this will add scale and balance to your home. 

4. Mood Lighting

There are many ways to add accent lighting to your space that make your home feel more high-end. Consider using accent lighting on artwork, hang pendant lights above the kitchen island, install dimmers for a more romantic feel, add wall sconces down the hallway, or hang matching wall sconces above your bedroom end tables. Another thing to remember is to make sure when you’re adding extra lighting that you’re using the same temperature bulb. Make sure you aren’t mixing a daylight bulb with a warm bulb because it will give a blue and yellow effect in your home, which throws it all off and will not look high-end. It’s just as important to consider the type of bulb you’re using as well as the kind of fixture you’re using.

5. Window Treatments

One sure way to bring in some high-end style to your room is to hang your curtain rods high. Hanging your curtain rods high and pretty close to the ceiling, about 3 or 4 inches, gives the illusion of your ceiling being higher. Full-length curtains make a room feel more luxurious. If you’re using curtains, make sure that you’re hanging them full-length with the rod wide and high. I usually extend the bracket about 6 inches from the window. To give a luxe style, make sure you add plenty of fabric to create folds; it will give your space a more high-end look.

6. Sense of Smell

When you walk into somebody’s home, the first thing you notice is the sense of smell. You can incorporate a sense of smell in your home by using candles, wall plug-ins, or a diffuser. There’s a ton of options to bring a sense of smell into your home. A sense of smell helps to achieve a home that is high-end and expensive.

7. Update Your Light Fixtures 

Do you find that your light fixtures are dated, unattractive, or cheap-looking? Many times, after moving into a new home, the light fixtures are either renter grade or just the most affordable option that the person who sold you the home purchased. Swap it with something more personalized, or head out to IKEA for some affordable options. Updating your light fixtures is a great way to make your home look more expensive. 

8. Add Plants and Flowers

When you add plants and flowers to your space, it adds a breath of fresh air to your home. You can add either faux or real plants or a mixture of both. Plants are a great way to add color to your space and bring the outdoors inside. Plants and flowers add an expensive and high-end touch to your home.

9. Replace Your Hardware

If you want to transform your space and make it look more expensive, replace your hardware. Consider replacing the hardware on a dresser, vanity, and kitchen cabinets. Swapping out hardware can make such a tremendous impact at a reasonable price. If it isn’t in your budget to replace your hardware, you can always paint it. I just recently painted my kitchen cupboards white, and it wasn’t in my budget to replace all of my kitchen cupboard and drawer pulls. So, I purchased some black acrylic paint and hand-painted them. Simply painting the hardware black gave a polished and expensive look to the white cupboards. 

10. Remove the Packaging

Removing the packaging from your dish soap, shampoo bottles, hand soap, and spices will make a big difference in the overall look of your home. When you remove the labels and packaging and display them in clear bottles or baskets with your labels, it will give a more uniform, clean, and high-end look. 

Have you tried any of these tips? Which ones do you use in your home already? I hope you found something useful in today’s post and that you can get one step closer to creating a space you love!

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